Just like in the field of medicine, dentistry has also branched into many different specialties. And just like you wouldn’t consult a knee doctor for your eye surgery, it is in your best interest to entrust your dental treatments to the doctors whose expertise are in the area of concentration that fits your particular need. For example, for implant surgery or advanced periodontal treatment, we will make sure that you will be seen by a periodontist who will accurately diagnose you and treat you with confidence. When you visit iSmile Dental Group, you can trust our skilled professionals to give you the best possible results for your investment as we offer many specialized services, including implant dentistry, periodontal care, bone grafting, osseous surgery, wisdom teeth extraction, oral surgery, and emergency dental care. We are also fluent in the languages of Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese, Spanish and Korean! Call us today to make your appointment with our dentists, Drs. Grace Harriman, Gloria Lee, Micah Crowley, John Kum or Michelle Jordan, and to learn more about our advanced dental care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.