There are some forms of dental damage that you can easily notice. For example, if you chip or break a tooth, or develop a substantial cavity you will be able to see it, and more than likely feel it. However, a crack in your tooth related to a cavity or filling may be so small that it is impossible to see. That crack, no matter how small, can still allow bacteria to penetrate your tooth and cause an infection. Cavities begin to form long before they become visible. In both cases, early detection is the key to solving the problem. To find dental problems that are invisible to the naked eye, Drs. Grace Harriman, Gloria Lee, Micah Crowley, John Kum and Michelle Jordan can use the DEXIS CariVu™ detection device.

The CariVu is a handheld device the dentists use to locate problems in your tooth. Instead of the radiation used by X-rays, the CariVu utilizes what is called transillumination to safely illuminate your tooth with a light very similar to infrared, that differentiates healthy tooth enamel from trouble spots. Not only will this allow the dentists to find and correct the problem with your tooth, but it is also useful to you as well. Unlike traditional X-rays, the CariVu also gives you, our patient a clear view of your oral health situation, so you can make informed choices about your care. The CariVu helps our dentists show you exactly what type of damage has occurred and explain your treatment options to you.

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