Our Vision is to create a strong, successful practice brand focusing on disease prevention, control and tooth preservation, based upon a comprehensive hygiene department.

In every aspect of practice, we will maintain a clear vision of the difference dentistry can make in our patients lifestyle and health.

We will create a team of motivated, skilled and compassionate members who will come together to support, encourage and honor the Doctor, patient and team.Team members will celebrate success and relationships in our mission to achieve both healthy patients and a healthy practice.

Our practice will allow for and encourage continued professional and personal fulfillment. Practice growth will be measured and monitored by the attainment of specific targets. Daily tasks will be managed by smooth, efficient and consistent systems, all designed with practice success and patient health in mind.

Our commitment to patients will be honored by their trust and we will actively partner with them. Patients at iSmile Dental Group will understand treatment rationale, elect to be treated and feel they have made a good investment. Through caring, communication and commitment, even if we do not perform perfectly, but always strive to do our best, surround ourselves with good people and treat our patients with care, we CANNOT FAIL.