Dr. Grace Harriman

Dr. Grace graduated from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry in 2011. She completed additional training with a General Practice and Hospital Residency at Brookdale Hospital in Brooklyn, NY. Her five years of practice in Philadelphia have led her to realize the need for true comprehensive dental care for all. She has opened her practice on the foundation of integrity and trust to make a difference for the North East and surrounding areas. Her caring, communication and commitment to quality comprehensive care show in the care she provides to help her patients achieve and maintain their oral health. Dr. Grace enjoys all aspects of dentistry, but especially the complex restorative issues of patients who have avoided the dental office for quite some time. The pride of helping patients return to a healthful, beautiful smile is a great motivation for her and her entire team!

Dr. Gloria Lee

Dr. Gloria graduated from Columbia University School of Dental Medicine and received additional training with a Residency in Advanced Education in General Dentistry. She has been involved in many research endeavors and co­-authored several academic articles. Her extensive study of diet and nutrition, and passion for dental wellness is invaluable to our practice. This knowledge is shared with patients daily as we focus on the oral-systemic nature of health and wellness. Dr. Gloria also enjoys combining her passion for healthfulness with the detailed nature of cosmetic dentistry to ensure her patients smiles are both beautiful and healthy!

CynthiaCDA, RDH

Cynthia began her dental career over 25 years ago as a Certified Dental Assistant and became a Registered Dental Hygienist in 1997. She has taken many roles over the years, and is involved in all aspects of our practice. Cynthia enjoys everything about dentistry -­ you may see her anywhere in our office -­ as your hygienist, at the front desk or assisting our Doctors! Her belief in comprehensive care and patient education is evident as she works diligently to assist our patients in achieving oral health and maintaining their teeth for life.